RSBlu - What We Do

Sound for everything

Sound has many faces, there are times when it needs to be functional and discreet, other times you need speaker stacks from floor to ceiling kicking the breath out of your chest with bass. The rest of the time we just make sure it sounds good! Here is our modus operandi for various events.

Large Scale Events

Indoors or Alfresco we thrive on shows that have to impress. We always tailor our systems to perfectly suit your venue ensuring you have crystal clear highs, smooth mids and thundering bass with all the volume you'll need. The right equipment coupled with our experienced engineers and crew make our sound stand out from the crowd and gives your show a proffesional edge that artists and public will love.


DJ Systems

We don't have a system that sounds good with a distorted redline DJM 800 at the front end, no one does. If however you are a promoter or DJ that cares about the quality of your sound and wants to enhance the production of your tracks, we will work with you to provide a system that sounds great, has the volume you want and the bass you need to keep your crowd dancing. Without the need for red lights on every amp and mixer.


When discreet service and a smoothly running event is required let us know. We can supply proffesional solutions for small conferences and seminars or large multi room exhibitions. We aim for our speakers to be heard and not seen whilst still giving even dispersion and intelligability across your event. Our crew aim to please and will work with you to project the right image for your event whilst providing excellent technical support, meaning you can concentrate on running the rest of the event.


Function Bands

Sometimes musicians prefer to concentrate on playing rather than setting up PA systems and lighting rigs - booking us to take care of your sound means you can be confident you'll sound great in any venue you play, you'll have the benefit of an experienced sound engineer dynamically mixing your set and a smooth hassle free set up that will keep clients happy and help ensure repeat bookings.


If you are responsible for the smooth running of someone's big day you'll need to ensure bands and DJ's set up cooperatively, everyone has current PL insurance and PAT tested equipment, a tight schedule and ensure that asthetics and sound quality meet the standard required by the client. Booking us takes all these worries away, we'll ensure excellent service, smart and discreet appearance and of course great quality sound for speeches and entertainment. We promise there will be no ripped jeans or smelly hippies in tie dye jumpers lowering the tone of your show!